seminte de dovleac, aveem :))

Pentru prima data, azi, mi-am luat seminte de dovleac bune, proaspete si aromate, la kilogram. Am gasit un loc la obor. Super multumesc mai ales ca are si retete. Diarrhea no more. :))) O citesc pana la toamna. 🙂

PS; nu chiar betisoare de urechi. :))

When it came to her microbes, we took matters into our own hands and swabbed her with samples from Amanda’s vagina. Our baby needed those microbes. To the second, how we did it, well, there is no established procedure, but
we used sterile cotton swabs (medical-grade Q-tips, basically) to take samples
from the vagina, which we then transferred to various parts our newborn: the
skin, the ears, the mouth—all the places microbes would have ended up
naturally had she passed through the birth canal.

The Good Gut is a groundbreaking work that offers a new plan for health that focuses on how to nourish your microbiota, including recipes and a menu plan.


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