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Am gasit pe site ghidul de aliniere gratuit. Informatiile sunt organizate, puse in ordine, exact ce am eu nevoie. :). Alinierea pe pasi. Ma simt din ce in ce mai capabila (de orice?:) datorita miscarii. Datorita efortului fizic.

Dimineata urc 6 etaje, ma antrenez aproape in fiecare dimineata  (nu la capacitate maxima recunosc) plus ca merg si pe jos dar provocarea din acest moment este sa fac o tractiune de aceea va trebui sa maresc doza de efort/miscare. Diseara ma duc la Nati, dar maine vin acasa.

For example, Dr. Bryant of Oxford University, in his commentary in Nature, speculated that infants who were better at recognizing numbers would, over the years, be most likely to be more talented mathematicians. But Dr. Gelman said, “I doubt that differences between babies in these abilities have anything to do with being better or worse at math in later life.”


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