Debugging the brain

Inafara de prezent mai avem trecut si viitor. All clear to take off. 🙂

It seems that at some level everything in the brain is connected to everything else—every thought, emotion, and action seems capable of influencing every other.

With little justification to do so we treat some people with respect and kindness, but others with contempt or hatred. The perceived best solution to a problem does not only vary from one individual to another, but can change from day to day for any one individual. Because our decisions are the result of a dynamic balance between different systems within the brain—each of which is noisy and subject to different emotional and cognitive biases—we simultaneously inhabit multiple locations along the irrational-rational continuum.

Key to the effective use of the information stored within our neural networks is the phenomenon of priming: any time the neurons representing a concept are activated they send a “heads-up” message to their partners.

Consequently, the mere exposure to words can contaminate our behavior and emotions. The phenomenon of semantic priming reveals that if a pair of words is flashed in quick succession on a computer screen we can react more quickly if they are related to each other.

Dean Buonomano-Brain Bugs_ How the Brain’s Flaws Shape Our Lives  -W. W. Norton & Company Limited (2011)


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