Neata 6.15 (a top performer)

Exercitii recuperative. 🙂

Pe drum am invatat oasele creniului 12 la numar: frontal, stenoid, nazal, etmoid, lacrimal, zigomatic, maxilar, mandibula, canalul auditiv extern, occipital, pemporal, parietal.

Am urcat cu o colega scarile. Ea abia daca mai respira. Eu am progresat, dupa parerea mea. 🙂

‘Collaboration’ Creates Mediocrity, Not Excellence, According to Science

No kidding.

This is not to say that teamwork is a bad thing, per se. Indeed, most complex projects require a team to successfully complete. For teams to be effective, though, they need leaders who can swiftly squelch any attempt to isolate or denigrate a top performer.

In other words, your teams may need hierarchical leadership more than they need additional collaboration opportunities. Similarly, your company may need more private spaces than “open” areas that encourage more social interaction.


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