cand nu e bine sa divortezi

Mi-a venit; un super compot de mere si o mega concluzie: intr-o casnicie de 15 ani, ruptura unui atasament pare indestructibila.

Attachment bonds, once formed, are extremely difficult to break; thus, the very ambivalent feelings toward the (ex)spouse reflect the persistence of attachment despite the erosion of love. (…)  Although distress and attachment are both related to a variety of situational changes produced by marital disruption, attachment feelings appear to cause distress, rather than vice versa (23)

Plus: iata si definitia completa a empatiei: eu stiam de a si b, dar exista si c:

The term “empathy” has been used to refer to at least three different qualities: (a) knowing what another person is feeling . . . (b) feeling what another person is feeling . . . and (c) responding compassionately to another person’s distress, (p. 234)

Plus  :))))

Compatible and Incompatible Relationships,  William Ickes (auth.), Dr. William Ickes 


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