All in the mind: psychology for the curious,Adrian Furnham, Dimitrios Tsivrikos, 2017

There are psychologists who are both strongly pro‐corporal punishment (spanking) and anti‐corporal punishment. There are left‐wing and right‐wing psychologists. There are inevitably what most people would regard as morally good and morally bad psychologists. The aim of psychology, however, is always the understanding and prediction of behavior.

Iata cum o descriu pe “sefa”a toxic boss – a poor manager

Moody, egocentric, uneducated, immoral “care- givers” give little care. Instead of providing the loving, stable environment, they do the opposite – which can have a disastrous long- term effect on the child. Bad Apples

PS: colegu’ lucreaza azi de acasa, ce sa inteleg? (ca e un lenes):))))


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