Working hard

Baiatul de la kineto este musculos iar eu nu vreau sa fac muschi. Azi am facut prima sedinta si nu prea mi-a placut. In loc sa fie atent, sa fac exercitii diversificate, el mi-a dat sa fac foarte multe repetari la cateva exercitii. I-am povestit de incarcator si nu a fost deschis la idee. M-am apucat de exercitii dimineata!

Am un mic blocaj… ca nici azi nu i-am scris omologului meu. Fac exercitii si iar exercitii si pana luni poate imi vine curajul.

PSS:  Mi-a picat fisa, o sa fac blogul ca sa avem subiect de discutie. 🙂

Pe maine dimineata!

The sexually mature person has the courage to face the truth of his body, as a result of which he respects his feelings and himself. He also respects his sexual partner, people in general, and the phenomenon of life in what ever form it manifests itself. His self-acceptance embraces that which he has in common with all human beings: life, liberty, and the sexual impulse. The person who hates himself, hates his body and the bodies of other people. In asserting his right to sexual happiness, the mature person accords others the same right. He has what I call an “open heart.” Because his heart is open and not closed, the sexually mature person gives himself fully to those he loves. In return, everyone loves and respects the individual with an open heart. He is whole hearted in his activities and wholly fulfilled and satisfied by their results. He is, of course, orgastically potent. I have known such persons, and they have enriched my life. They justify my faith in people.


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