Oh, Good Morning, Sleep Science. Welcome to the 21st Century

Foarte interesanta cartea despre mindfulness. Imi place muuult. Azi am avut o zi apasatoare, dar o sa ma culc devreme. Pe maine dimineata. Zambete. (super creativ):)

PS: la nici un minut primesc cartea Contagiunea Emotionala (sper ca am tradus bine!) Super multumesc! 🙂 (Pe mine ma intereseaza: Emotional experience and facial, vocal, and postural feedback. Natalia la  2luni jumate se uita in ochii mei si ma priveste fix. M-am uitat si la Irina pentru comparatie. Da, diferente exista. 🙂

PSS: sa stii ca eu stau in banca mea, fara pasiuni dintr-acelea mistuitoare, arzatoare, orbitoare, trecatoare, mistificatoare…

Learning a subject or skill with an openness to novelty and actively noticing
differences, contexts, and perspectives—sideways learning—makes us receptive to changes in an ongoing situation. In such a state of mind, basic skills and information guide our behavior in the present, rather than run it like a computer program

The waking state, however irregular, is a necessary condition for the realization of most vital homeostatic regulation. We need only think of the search for food and its absorption, the search for a sexual partner and mating, the hatching of eggs or suckling of young, the defense of one’s territory, and many others. It could be that each of these functions is prepared or regulated during sleep. However, sleep depends of necessity on the external environment. The Castle of Dreams, Author(s): Michel Jouvet

Oh, Good Morning, Sleep Science. Welcome to the 21st Century


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