o minte plina

Mintea mea este plina de comenzi, clienti si spoturi. A fost o perioada aglomerata cu multe e-mail-uri si multa agitatie. Sefa este o tipa care vorbeste mult si prost. O nevrotica incurabila, care ma oboseste teribil. Dar, in curand, am de gand sa ma autopropun pentru un post nou. 🙂

In everyday life, you may find yourself “loading” your mind in various ways: memorizing a list of groceries to buy later at the supermarket, rehearsing the name of someone you just met so you don’t forget it, practicing your pitch before entering an important meeting. There are also, of course, the ever-present wanderings of a normal mind. And there are more pathological, or at least more chronic, sources of mental load, such as the ruminative thought patterns characteristic of stress, anxiety and depression. All these loads can consume mental capacity, leading to dull thought and anhedonia — a flattened ability to experience pleasure.

Think Less, Think Better, MOSHE BAR


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