10.000 and counting

Azi o sa lucrez si la blogul despre cei 10.000 de pasi. 🙂

Mi-a dat mama cheia de la casa mea. De azi sunt independenta…. hahaha. 🙂

“The path [to higher serotonin] begins with proper rest. A minimum of 30 minutes — but ideally up to 2 hours — of deep sleep reduces cortisol levels and boosts serotonin.…Diet matters, too. A high-protein breakfast is easily converted into serotonin and dopamine, while caffeine is a physiological arouser, meaning it will amplify whatever emotions one is already feeling….Cardiovascular exercise is also critical. When the heart muscles pump faster, they release a peptide believed to help produce serotonin. That means considering a brisk walk before an afternoon meeting — or better yet, walk and talk.” Baba Shiv


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