emotii si elefanti (zburatori)

Citesc din Love at Goon Park si efectiv nu ma satur. Este o sursa vie de cunoastere, similara cu o oaza de copii cuminti 🙂 si cu un buldozer care demitizeaza neimportanta atasamentului.

The Origins of Attachment: Infant Research and Adult Treatment 


What is an emotion? Aici: )


Plus favorita mea. 🙂

“Children are not “little adults”. Development of the brain takes place in different stages with areas involved in sensory motor skills being the first to develop. True education should begin with fostering skills with development rather than trying to impose a top-down adult style of learning on the immature brain.

While there is a need to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds with access to enriched language and social environments these should be in the context of true “primary” education, which is the development of physical and spoken language skills in a milieu which facilitates free exploration, discovery and most of all, play.’ Sally Goddard Blythe

Multumesc pentru vacanta prelungita!!!


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