“More sex please, but just don’t tell us to do it”

Fix asa as fi procedat si eu (pe toate 3)! Multumeeeesc! (Ieri mi-am luat niste tenesi mega haiosi, (cu flori) de la 140 ron la 60 ron, la oferta. (hihi))

Iata un studiu super interesant si o recomandare de carte pe masura:

Yet there are things that matter more than the freedom to follow whims; life’s deepest fulfilments may require the capacity to stick with things even when they’re feeling like burdensome duties. (He doesn’t suggest this applies to sex.) I’d end this week’s column by advising you to read his book, except then you might refuse, just for the sake of it.


PS: luni aflu departajarea buget-taxa.


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