ready for the world

Wow! Sanatatea psihologica in secolul 21! Super carte! Au gasit un inlocuitor, de maine!

PS: maine sunt pe teren, la Valea Calugareasca si Slanic! In miscare (hihi):)

Ph list for first two years of life:

1.  Brings the caregiver to her, often with crying, when she’s in need of food, comfort, and safety.

2 Responds with eye contact and audible sounds of pleasure or relaxation when tended or satiated.

3 Physically calms own body movements after attention.

4 Effort to bring desired objects close to the body for play.

5 Effort to repeat sounds, turn-taking begins with verbal sounds.

6 Babbling and cooing that begins to sound like language.

7 Communication is desired and attempted. One-word “sentences” to communicate by age one develops into two- and three-word sentences by 18 months.

8 Has confidence in one or two caregivers and is shy or frightened of others. Uses caregiver as “secure base” for exploration. More comfortable with others by age two.

9 Learning rules of the home, what is allowed, the limits and consequences of her actions as an independent person from others.

10 Observing others as models of behavior: parents, siblings, teachers, peers, etc.

Sharon K. Hall-Raising Kids in the 21st Century_ The Science of Psychological Health for Children-Wiley-Blackwell (2008)


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