self efficacy

Unii oameni au aceasta abilitate: rezilienta. Acestia pot merge inainte in viata, isi pot pastra relatiile, job-ul si nu renunta, chiar daca au fost ori sunt in continuare coplesiti de emotii. In schimb unii dintre noi avem greutatea de a diminua raspunsul la stres dupa o experienta terifianta, deoarece noi continuam sa ruminam experienta negativa ori incercam sa anticipam un pericol similar. In cele din urma am inteles ca ne putem obisnui cu emotiile negative constructive. Antrenamentul incepe din copilarie!

“Stress can actually be good while the nervous system is developing during childhood. It’s called stress inoculation. And if you experience mastery of that stress … then in the future your neurobiological stress response will tend to be more adaptive and you’re more likely to be resilient. The key for parents is to make sure their children are not exposed to uncontrollable stress. That can be toxic.” says Steven Southwick, professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine

“Learning to use the mind, as opposed to having the mind use you,” Southwick and Charney counsel, “is one of life’s most challenging tasks.” Yet rigorous evidence proves that we can train our brains and bodies to perform well even in the direst situations. In other words, we can learn how to say Yes to the Must.

Si pentru ca eu de azi incep sa aplic un stil de viata rezilient, dupa job voi face o tura de parc. Simbolic my first step.

Christine Whelan’s Top 10 Strategies for Changing Behavior:

  1. Start small. Choose one thing
  2. Make it SMART, specific and measurable
  3. Figure out what you’ll be adding or subtracting to make room for it
  4. Ask why. Make sure it’s really what YOU want, not what you feel you should
  5. Go public, or make a commitment strategy
  6. Get help from your community. Don’t try to do it alone
  7. Automate
  8. Take Small Steps
  9. Celebrate those steps to boost self efficacy
  10. Stick with it, the longer the better

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