care este nivelul tau de empatie?

Te crezi o persoana empatica? Cum poti sa-ti dai seama de acest lucru? Te lupti cu empatia, sau esti capabil/a de intimitate emotionala? (hihi) Te grabesti sa iei decizii unidirectionale, sau iti place sa iei in calcul si alte perspective, pentru nota 10 la empatie. Lipsa empatiei este un fenomen care se raspandeste odata cu dependenta de tehnologie si nu numai. Desi este un aliat pretios, nu stiu cum, dar oamenii reusesc sa nu mai simta caldura umana, fiind mai animati de placerile de gheata si muntii de ciocolata, ei prefera joaca cu degetele inghetate prin firul de apa, sau de viata… Acestia sunt oamenii de gheata, printre care, eu, imi fac loc, cu gratie. 🙂

Empatia cred ca este un mare avantaj in conditiile in care nimanui nu-i pasa de nimeni, unde singura diferenta o poate face sclipirea din tine.

Relying on self-report could be problematic, since a person might believe they are much more empathetic than they really are. This is because someone with poor empathy is often the last person to realize they have poor empathy. It just goes with the territory: As you lose your empathy, you may also lose your awareness that you have poor empathy. This is because double-mindedness is built into the very nature of empathy. 

Double-mindedness can be used not just to think about how others feel or what they might be thinking, but also to think about how you may be perceived by others. Imagining yourself from another person’s vantage point is what we mean by self-awareness. When I meet someone with very little empathy, it is as if they lack the very apparatus to look inwards at themselves, as if they lack a reverse periscope that would enable any vision of themselves.

Simon Baron-Cohen-The Science of Evil_ On Empathy and the Origins of Cruelty-Basic Books


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