free hugs

Si eu sunt putin racita. Dar cum pot sa previn raceala in mod natural? “Aspirina saracului”, poate spui tu in fundal, insa, lasand gluma la o parte, sa stii ca sistemul imunitar mai poate sa fie ajutat si altfel decat cu medicamente. Cu imbratisari mindful, desigur. 🙂 Imbratisarea unei persoane de incredere poate reduce din efectele nocive ale stresului conform unui studiu recent. Imbratisarea este un indicator care transmite suport si intimitate, inainte de toate. Rezultatele au scos la iveala importanta atingerilor la persoanele care au primit suport social si imbratisari mai dese. Acestia nu au avut complicatii severe ale racelii, indiferent daca au avut sau nu parte de emotii negative (conflicte). Cei care se imbratiseaza frecvent sunt mai feriti de infectii, si… nu doar de Craciun. Ci, chiar, acum. 🙂

“We know that people experiencing ongoing conflicts with others are less able to fight off cold viruses.  We also know that people who report having social support are partly protected from the effects of stress on psychological states, such as depression and anxiety,” said Cohen. “We tested whether perceptions of social support are equally effective in protecting us from stress-induced susceptibility to infection and also whether receiving hugs might partially account for those feelings of support and themselves protect a person against infection.”



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